Friday, 4 July 2014

Hobby-Lobby Christians and What they are Doing

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'Although relatively unknown among unbelievers until the Supreme Court case, Hobby Lobby and its devout owners have long been a powerful force on the Christian right[...] The Oklahoma City–based arts-and-crafts chain employs three in-house chaplains to minister to and convert employees; three times a year, on Christmas, Easter, and the Fourth of July, it takes out ads in national newspapers celebrating the power of Jesus and America and directing readers to a toll-free number where they can be saved. But in recent years, the Greens have vastly expanded their philanthropic footprint, undertaking a multimillion-dollar push to study and promote the scriptures. Since 2009, the family has assembled 40,000 biblical antiquities—the world’s largest private collection —and launched an international scholarship program to study the rare texts and artifacts. The family is now building a permanent home for its collection, and is also planning to roll out a Bible curriculum for public high school students this fall. The goal, according to Hobby Lobby president Steve Green (David's son), is to “reintroduce” a prodigal nation to the “absolute authority” and “historical reliability” of the Bible'.
Source: Grace Wyler, 'Hobby Lobby's Plan to Save America from Sin', Vice Jul 3 2014

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