Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Project to Create Database of Egyptian Antiquities Across Canada

Population map of Canada, where there
are people there may be more antiquities
Project to document and database Egyptian antiquities across Canada.
"Ancient Egypt has fascinated the public ever since ancient times, particularly since it was rediscovered by the west just over 200 years ago. Canadians shared this fascination from an early date, bringing back remains of that ancient culture beginning in the 19th century. Today, Egyptian artefacts are no longer allowed to leave their country of origin. This means that whatever material now exists in Canadian museums is all that there ever will be. Therefore it is important to identify and document it. Since its launch in September 2006, In Search of Ancient Egypt in Canada has been identifying and describing Egyptian artefacts in museums across Canada. Its aim is to publicize the museums and to publish the artefacts, something that many smaller – and even some larger – institutions do not always have the resources to do. This will make the collections more accessible to both researchers and the general public".
Hopefully collecting histories will be included. Unfortunately this only covers material in museums, not that held privately. After all, it may well turn out that quite a lot of fresh material is arriving in Canada, despite the restrictions.

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