Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sekhemka – The Final Chapter?

David Palethorpe, "Sekhemka – The Final Chapter?"
On Thursday (10 July 2014) the Sekhemka Statue will, unless there is a last minute legal intervention be hawked off to the highest bidder by the Christie’s Auction House bringing to an end this stage of what has turned out to be a disgraceful, despicable and deceitful process to realise a profit from a gift to the people of Northampton by the Northampton Conservatives. I have written on this subject a number of times and according to a reliable source it has angered Cllrs Mackintosh and Eldred and their Conservative colleagues to the extent that they are going to demand an apology for what I have written, with the threat of being reported to the Standards Committee if they don’t receive one. I have seriously considered how to respond and have decided on the following,[...]
Definitely worth a read.  To be fair, it would only be right to publish here a link to where Cllrs Mackintosh and Eldred et al., responsible for this fiasco, justify their actions. Sadly though, I have not located any. Maybe readers know where we can find this element of the debate?

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Andy Baines said...

Thank you for that link, it was a good read. I have been following this story for a while and I must say its all quite a shambles.

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