Saturday, 17 September 2016

European Heritage Days

It is interesting to see where the European Heritage Days events - a joint action of the Council of Europe and the European Commission - are taking place this month and where the heritage is being promoted:

Map of heritage sites participating
Apparently most of England does not see itself very much as part of the European heritage zone, but look at Ireland (and then recall the differences in attitudes to the Collection Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record in both countries).  Poland, in the centre of Europe, is well-represented. France is a bit of an odd blank  on this map.

The aim of European Heritage Days is to:
raise the awareness of European citizens to the richness and cultural diversity of Europe;
create a climate in which the appreciation of the rich mosaic of European cultures is stimulated;
counter racism and xenophobia and encourage greater tolerance in Europe and beyond the national borders;
inform the public and the political authorities about the need to protect cultural heritage against new threats;
invite Europe to respond to the social, political and economic challenges it faces.
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