Tuesday, 20 September 2016

From a Recent PAS Report

The main achievements of the PAS in 2014: • 113,794 finds were recorded; a total of 1,127,586 recorded on its database (finds.org.uk/database) to date. • 96% of finds were found by metal-detectorists. • 91% of finds were found on cultivated land, where they are susceptible to plough damage and artificial and natural corrosion processes.
On all of it? So why are there any artefacts left at all?  What actually is the "achievement" here? This is not responsible public outreach, it is uncritical repetition of artefact hunters' own self-justifications. Where is the BM Research Report to back up this glib statement?

Vignette: Name plate corroding just as is BM's reputation for spouting pseudo-science

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