Sunday, 25 September 2016

One Born Every Minute

The ebay seller  ancientgas aka Dr Geoffrey A Smith (1061) is offering this unlovely item for a mere US $1,200
Part of my personal collection  it was adherent to a larger item ..? Shield face  I really think this was Mycenae Or a bit later Greek which was looted by the Celts thus in a Celtic dig site as an item of status. Ex Smith, Guaranteed
Maybe Mr Hooker (FSA) will be putting in a bid? Or offering an expert opinion? Or witholding it in collectors' solidarity? 

Stated provenance: "in a celtic dig site". In which country and under what circumstances it left that country and entered the (seemingly limitless) "Smith collection" are simply not stated, or why the previous owner cleaned only one face of it  - neither is the basis of the dating (analogies?) and trite narrativisation. The Celtic invasions of the Mycenaean realms are an as yet unknown episode of ancient historiography enlightened for us by the collector's ... um, .... 

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