Thursday, 29 June 2017

India Neglected in Heritage Debate?

Anuraag Saxena‏ @anuraag_saxena points out that
'UNESCO recently made the link between heritage-crimes & TerrorFunding (S’th I've been saying for ages)'

and notes: 'an interesting report that can be downloaded here:'

But goes on to comment:
Interesting for what they DIDN’T say as well. / India has seen #temples and heritage destroyed by Mughals and Colonials. UNESCO acknowledges what Indians have seen 1st-hand for centuries. / Now it gets Interesting. It lists all the major victims of Heritage-Violence; but somehow, India is missing / 17 out of 25 examples are middle-east or #Islamic countries. / The only Temple “under attack” is from Sri Lanka. Huh??? No other crimes against Hindus or [their] Temples are listed. / But apparently, mainly Arab heritage is in danger. / Apparently, examples can only be found in Mali, Syria, Iran, Yemen, etc... not in India / Why is this important, you ask? Coz when the world looks at Cultural-Cleansing, it only seems that Arab nations have a problem. / That is where most of the attention and energy is thrown /  Meanwhile, systematic and planned attacks on temples are ignored / The silver lining – UNESCO recommends a response-plan to combat the scourge. Hopefully the [Indian] government is listening. They will... if YOU want them to... #Bring Our Gods Home

Of course India and SE Asia in general are not neglected in Donna Yates' web-activity.

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