Friday, 16 June 2017

Thicko Hoikers and their 'Partnership' with the FLOs

Read this thread, note the thicko who cannot read even plain English:
    Nickinstick: [,...] (Camping NOT included) .Camping isn't available onsite but Thorney Lakes Campsite is right next door, (please book separately) [...]  bob79  [...] Hi Nickinstick, is the cost of camping included in the price[?]  Bob  [...]   Hello Bob No it isn't I'm afraid, there isn't room on the site. But Thorney Lakes Campsite is right next door. Thanks Nick [...] bob79: £15 a night, sorry mate too expensive. 
Obviously for some of these folk, pocketing pieces of the past is something that should come cheap.

Now ask yourself if the FLO will be present on the Muchelney Weekend Rally 30th Sep - 1st Oct and if so what he or she will say about the search methodology... and will any thicko understand anyway?

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Anonymous said...

"and will any thicko understand anyway?"

Of course, Paul. Every detectorist who takes things from the archaeological level, including every attendee at this rally, knows full well they shouldn't. PAS pretends to the Government it has convinced people to behave. It ought to be telling the Government they are unreachable.

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