Friday, 22 March 2019

Dedication of the Proposed 'Institute of Detectorists' to Proper Discussion of Archaeological Issues

In answer to my tweet,
Paul Barford @PortantIssues 21 mar   
Replying to proposed IoD: 'Institute of Detectorists' @Detectorists_
"Archaeologically based education for metal detectorists should be available to all..." But why do we need an "Institute of Detectorists" when the job of the PAS is to liaise with artefact hunters and others and instil 'best practice'? Why? Duplication of effort, surely?
and my suggestion that one cannot do archaeology with a metal detector as part of the Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record, I got this:

So I take that as a tacit admission that the wannabe "Institute Director" feels himself unable to say in what ways the UK actually needs another body liaising between 'finders' and archaeologists, and whether typing monkeys style you can turn the average Baz Thugwit into a 'citizen aerchaeologist' just by giving him a membership card to a home-made cardboard cutout "Institute".

Mr Westcott, since you have blocked me from interacting with you through social media, you will understand that while that continues, I will freely exercise my right to decide whether or not I am going to give you or any other representatives of your "Proposed Institute" the right to reply here. Seems fair.

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