Sunday, 17 March 2019

Norfolk: Finding those "Productive sites"

Anglo-Saxon gold pendant found in Norfolk declared treasure
An Anglo-Saxon gold pendant, found near a site where a similar item worth £145,000 was dug up, probably belonged to a woman of "high social status". The Winfarthing Pendant was found in 2014 near Diss in Norfolk. The latest pendant, with a central cross motif, was found in 2017 and it has been declared treasure. [...]  In 2014, a student found Anglo-Saxon jewellery, including a pendant, at Winfarthing, later valued by the governement's Portable Antiquities Scheme at £145,000. The more recently discovered pendant, which features gold bead work and measures 17mm (0.67in) by 13mm (0.5in), is believed to date from the late-6th Century to the mid-7th. [...]   The Winfarthing Pendant, discovered by student-turned-archaeologist Tom Lucking, has recently been on show at The British Library in London. Treasure experts described it as having "national significance" shortly after it was discovered.
How "near"?

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Hougenai said...

A FLO in the making? perhaps you should send him the Lancs advert.
Much mirth was had from that advert, it was suggested that I apply, perhaps you'd give me a reference to show my interest in the matter.

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