Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Archaeology with balls

Over on the left of this blog is a little map widget which shows where people are reading this stuff, and gives (limited) information on what they read. I notice that this week there’s quite a few from France (bonjour) and one person did a search for HAPPAH – and I realize he did not find any post on the topic. So here is one.

This is a wonderful group of people doing what British archaeologists used to do before they lost their will to try and protect the archaeological heritage from this sort of erosion, and have now become “partners” (sic) with the artefact hunters. British archaeology once had a STOP (Stop Taking Our Past) campaign before they “dropped the ball”. The French organization has taken it up and running with it. Good for them. I wonder how many British archaeologists are even aware they exist? I wonder how many of them, if they knew, would support them?

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