Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mr Buck, “taking a resource without landowner consent”

"Some law-abiding hunters are worried that people will unfairly lump them into this illegal activity", said Harris County assistant district attorney Eric Bily, who will prosecute the case. "This guy is not a hunter," Bily said of the arrested man. "This is very different from what hunters do."

We seem to have heard that one before.

Is it? Some animal lovers might say it is irrelevant whether or not the culprit was where and when he was allowed to be by law when engaged in the case of the brutal slaying of an animal and dismemberment just because some guy “had a great admiration for the deer's antlers”. (Those other dead deer on the guy's patio signify a "passionate interest in nature" no doubt.) The motive for the killing and dismemberment was the same – the prize, the trophy. So, some might say, it is with so-called “nighthawks” in the UK. What kind of "passionate interest in history" is it that leads to the dismemberment of archaeological assemblages for a handful of trophy collectables? Of course, I expect gun-owners with bits of dead animal on their walls see it somewhat differently.

Background to the story:
Tame Deer Named 'Mr. Buck' Beheaded in Texas Wildlife Sanctuary
Mr Buck
Mr. Buck's severed head recovered from suspect's home

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