Thursday, 24 September 2009

Website for Staffordshire Hoard

There is now online a rather nice website (created it says "in one day" by the indefatigable Dan Pett) on the Staffordshire Hoard. Enjoy.

For Anglo-Saxon metalwork nerds (a malady not foreign to me) the pictures are a treat, there's information on the people and institutions involved in the subsequent excavation, an there is even a corner for IT nerds. What is interesting is the attention paid to pointing out the archaeological (well, actually more "historical") context of this find to a greater degree than many of the other Treasures which have attracted attention where the main emphasis has been on the (monetary) value of the loot. Wonderful piece of work, Dan.
Vignette: one of my favourite pieces, just look at those garnets.

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Daniel Pett said...

Thanks for sharing. The real people who have made the site possible are Kevin Leahy, Roger Bland, Ian Wykes, Steve Dean and all the other people involved at the institutions. I just synthesized their work. The finder has been brilliant as well.
There are lots of earth clods that have been xrayed and will be micro excavated. A truly stunning discovery.

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