Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Cunning Plan is Revealed

Latest in the saga of nonsense from the coin dealer. The scrap digger paradigm but see here, followed by:
the only real possibility of suppressing looting is to make sale of licit, provenanced artifacts to Western collectors the most profitable disposition channel.
So we make it legal and stop calling it looting, and the problem is fixed? Sites will still be dug over to find articles to be sold at a profit, but we'll not call it looting....

So in fact we can sort out the problem with child sex offenders like that too, can't we? Make it legal, and drugs, underage driving, car theft, tax evasion. Simple. Dave Welsh for President!!

Rarely does one hear anything so ridiculous as what is routine on artefact collecting forums. I really do think there must be a mind-affecting fungus in freshly dug up metal objects or its an effect produced by the chemicals used by the smugglers to preserve the finds in transit. Its the only explanation of these aberrations.

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