Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sayles sounds off on Egypt

Well, the coin dealing lobbyist Wayne Sayles certainly wasted no time responding to the last post about my work in Egypt (The Straight Skinny (sic) Dec 18th 2009). What a pity is that he misunderstands it totally - "doing grunt work" for whom? "Disillusionment" Mr Sayles? Far from it, I clearly made the point that I am finding participation in the mission extremely thought-provoking. I am not sure what I am to make of the last comment. Mr Sayles seems to be unaware of quite a few things about what archaeology is about... still, bloggers cannot choose their readers.

Mr Sayles announces he feels "sorry for the poor bloke". Don't waste your charity on me Mr Sayles, you obviously fail to appreciate the spirit in which the post was written. No, no coins in da temple.... except those left this tourist season by New Age neo-pagans in the Chapel of Hathor, including one he would perhaps appreciate - a (very) modern fake Danubian 'Celtic silver unit', it is odd to consider what that was doing being brought to Egypt.

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Marcus Preen said...

Well Paul, your account of what you've been doing is inspiring. The relics sound truly marvellous and you are very privileged to be working on them. Which of course you do without intending to own them or sell them.

Which brings me to the wretched Sales. For such as he to deride and minimise your efforts (scraping the barrel to the extend of asking if the ladder might slip and cause damage!) is truly, truly grotesque.

There's nowt so poisonous and self-praising as a ruffian with his hand in the cooky jar, as they say down my pub when they read about such people on your blog!

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