Wednesday 2 June 2010

Roman Coin, a Tenner (Freshly Taken From Corrosive Artificial Fertiliser Soaking)

One of those coins that UK metal detectorist Lee Connor told us was soaking in corrosive artificial fertilisers is on sale on EBay and is finishing in a few hours. At the moment the price is a tenner.250639553165 Constantine I 307 - 337 AE3 Roman Coin, Item condition:Used. It is being sold by jadelouise8686 ( Feedback Score Of 219) based in Andover Hampshire and the seller informs buyers it was found with a metal detector. Now the fields around Andover are pretty intensively ploughed and there is no reason to think they are any more bereft of artificial fertilisation than any other area of the British lowland landscape. Here are a few others of the finds found by this metal detectorist in the fields around Andover, all in very "fine" collectable condition and all on EBay for us all to see how bad this "damage" actually is.

So where is the evidence from this coin or any of the others found by this metal detectorist and now being offered for sale for the damage being touted as the excuse for hoiking all the coins out of the fields of Britain now?

And if somebody wants to argue that these have been selected from a larger pool of much more badly damaged coins, I'd like them to answer what they think the finder did with the rest of them.

UPDATE: The coin went for GBP 12,50, with two bidders.

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