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Detectorists Hate Catholics? [UPDATED]


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A British metal detectorist, incensed that he found a picture of Mary, the Mother of God somewhere on this blog and "deduces"null on that basis that the blog's author must be a "devout Catholic" will not accept that there are other pictures of mythological, historical and other people here and protests (23 May 2024):
I care not regarding your deities, their connection to "culture" is non-existent. Culture is the shared belief leading to the eventual well-being of people, how does slavery, infanticide, filicide, genocide, misogyny, racialism, ethnic cleansing, rape, and many more evils supported by Christianity contribute to "Culture?"
I guess that in British schools, they no longer do Sparta, Spartacus, ancient Carthage, Romulus and Remus, the massacre of the Midianites, ancient Greek (or any other) patriachy, the classical world's division of "us" and "barbaricum" (debate on the invention of racism in Classical Antiquity), expulaion of Jews from Judah by the Neo-Babylonian Empire, expulaion of Jews from Israel by the Romans in the 130sAD, The Armenian genocide (1916-17) and the Greek genocide (1914-22) by the Ottomans, Boudica's two daughters, Ganymede, the Sabine women, and many more phenomena that quite clearly are not being taught in UK's metal-detecting schools. A shame that Brits like this should be mouthing off their utter ignorance and prejudices creating the impression of a post-Brexit Britain that is now dragging along behind the rest of Europe when it comes to understanding the world.

Update 28.05.2024
In the comments: "as children, we had to salute a plaster statue of the ''Virgin''...". that rather explains it. Like when you read Erich von Daniken's early books, you see that his "God was an astronaut" theories were hitting back at a religious childhood the Saint-Michel International Catholic School in Fribourg, Switzerland (see his 1974 infamous Playboy interview)


De. William Shephard said...

Firstly, ''Mary the mother of god,'' immediately betrays your Catholic upbringing, as a Jesuit-raised and brainwashed youngster, I am deeply aware of the praise that is lavished on the 'Mother of God'' rather than on the Jewish Rabbi Yahweh bar Joseph himself. Indeed, as children, we had to salute a plaster statue of the ''Virgin'' [Yahweh had an elder brother, James, so how was his mother a virgin?.] Anyhow, what does your account of post-Christian atrocities demonstrate other than the fact that his message failed completely?
Incidentally, some lovely finds were unearthed on Mr. Rushton's dig on Sunday.
Have a nice day.
Dr. S.

Paul Barford said...

Get an education and look up Teotokas (Θεοτόκος - Θεός + τόκος)

"as children, we had to salute a plaster statue of the ''Virgin'' ..."
who is "we"? I never "had" to. Maybe that is what makes us different.

Spartans and Midianites were pre-Christian.

Who's "Mr Rushton" and who cares?

De. William Shephard said...

Who is Mr. Rushton??? You prick, you know who he is, and you care, really care...

Paul Barford said...

Language, Mr Shephard.

No, you'll have to enlighten me who he is and where he works, he's not on the CIfA membership list or their ethics committee.

De. William Shephard said...

You have, by your comment, exposed yourself as the biggest liar the archaeological movement has ever produced!!! You know who he is, you know he is your nemesis and, you also know that I, and many others are his supporters, his devotees, and his bulwark against you, and your biased view of discovery.

Paul Barford said...

"You have, by your comment, exposed yourself as the biggest liar the archaeological movement has ever produced!!! You know who he is, you know he is your nemesis and, you also know that I, and many others are his supporters, his devotees, and his bulwark against you, and your biased view of discovery".

Is this "Mr Rushton" in the room with us now?

In what way is this imaginary archaeologist and his excavations with "lovely finds" my nemesis? Are you sure you know what that word actually means?

The only publication I can find where a Mr Rushton writes about the past does not paint him in a very good light at all, this is my nemesis? "The misuse of life history theory: J. P. Rushton and the pseudoscience of racial hierarchy" or is it the one who wrote about
monastic poor relief in medieval England?

You've lost me there, Mr "Bulwark"

De. William Shephard said...

Well, Paul, I, and Mr. Rushton would be prepared to meet with you at any location you prefer, to discuss the merits, or otherwise of metal detecting, do you agree to such a meet?

Paul Barford said...

Two against one eh?

You have still not explained who this "Mr Rushton" is. But, assuming he's a pro-detecting archaeologist, yes, I'll take you on.

Let us do a Hancock-Dibble -style debate, same format, film it asnd post it up for public information.

But to even it up, Flint Dibble has already informed me (pers.comm.) that he'd be up to doing a debate with artefact hunters and he has the broad knowledge and experience that would inform such a debate (He's also a Marie-Sklowdowska Curie Research Fellow, in the

School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University which makes it appropriate). So yes, contact Dr Dibble. Maybe he could provide a venue there in Cardiff and there's be an audience of students at least.

As a mderator, I would like to suggest Mike Heyworth, who has also some broad experience with public archaeology and metal detecting issues/PAS liaison. He would be an ideal moderator I think, if he'll agree. Try him.

I'd also like to do it the way Jo Rogan did, starting off with a presentation, and incorporating short video presentations with a couple of
talking heads, I have two people in mind who have something to say on this issue.

As for timing, I probably am not free until mid-September.

De. William Shephard said...

Hello Paul, how nice to hear from you, regarding your feigned ignorance regarding ''Mr. Rushton,'' let me enlighten you, he is the Nationally known metal detectorist who, after suffering months of your negative comments, and loads of your ''thumbs down'' on his videos, actually invited you onto one of his digs, which, to be honest, I found rather ''Turn the other cheek'' Christian of him. [I would have told you to stick your shiny, unused trowel where the sun don't shine.] But you closed your eyes, stuck your fingers in your ears, sang ''La La La,'' and, as a biased, bigotted, bullshitting, nonentity, refused the offer. I am willing to contact the mediators and the debaters you suggest if I am allowed, as is the case in any heavyweight contest, to object and offer suggestions as to who might provide an unbiased assessment of the outcome.
Your friend.
Dr. S.

Paul Barford said...

I thought his name was Rushden. Sorry. And why would I want go on a "dig" of his? It's not exactly as if I have in my life had a dearth of opportunities to "dig up old things" and to take it a lot further than just putting them in my pocket or as some do, a showcase in a living room/man-cave. I just did not see the point - and he's outside the EU, so not excactly on my doorstep.

Funnily enough there has been a whole line of tekkies who think that the moment I go out in a muddy field with them, I'd be "converted". I assure you I will not.

Now, as to the debate with you and this RushTON guy, you write:
"I am willing to contact the mediators and the debaters you suggest"
then do, please. Introduce yourself, and tell them what it's about and see if they are interested in helping two tekkies debate the arkies in a calm and controlled environment on the lines of and same format as the Joe Rogan debate. I'd have thought you'd already done it... By the way, I only suggested one of each, obviously the more people involved, the more confusing the discussion will become.

It is a shamne that this RushTON is not a pro-detecting archaeologist - that would have been an interesting debate. But actually most of them would rather sit in a room of vipers than debate me on this particular topic, they tend to run out of arguments after the first four glib PAS-tropes they parrot are challenged. Because that's all most of them do, parrot what somebody else has told them. I have no time for them.

Not sure what you mean
"if I am allowed, as is the case in any heavyweight contest, to object and offer suggestions as to who might provide an unbiased assessment of the outcome". Hardly "heavyweight", just reason against reason, surely? What is there to "object" to, before it has even taken place?

I am not sure what you have in mind "who might provide an unbiassed assessment of the outcome"... inorder that there is a record - if we are going to go to the trouble of doing it - I said this should be filmed like the Dibble/Hancock debate and the discussion can then continue on the basis of that film (as is happening at the moment with the Hancock-debate). That's why I think that this format is the optimum, and most effective use of our time. I am sure you'll agree.

The general public (whose heritage you lot are pocketing) can make up their own mind, without somebody presuming to tell them what to think. They DO think, you know, but have to be provided with both sides of the argument. The PAS gives them one side (the pro-detecting one), I think it's about time there was a counter-voice.

Has Mr RushTON agreed to do it with you and face the two of us? After all, as you say, he has lots of TV experience, should be right up his street, if he can put up a good show.

De. William Shephard said...

Sorry Paul, I have much more serious issues to address at the moment, please forgive me, I will get back to you as soon as my services are no longer needed...

Paul Barford said...

Oh! I was rather under the impression that YOU and Mr RushTON had challenged ME, presumably expecting me to decline. When I call your bluff, you pathetic little man, you run away! You did not think about your "serious issues" when you challenged the arkie to a debate.

OK, I'm serious, you want to debate it properly, let's debate it properly, I said how it can be done most usefully. If you want to mess around and play silly games, then you show precisely what you are made of and how weak your position actually is.

We all of us have serious issues to address Dr Shephard - it's not just you, believe me. Nevertheless, on YOU throwing down a challenge, I was prepared to put some of MY time aside to get some views across. No excuses Dr Shephard, set it up.

De. William Shephard said...

Will you be attending? If so, who is paying your travel expenses, and who will grant you a leave of absence?
Regarding your debating model, I would rather prefer a Dillahunt/Peterson format? Do you have any objections?

Paul Barford said...

Well, that was just ae effing stupid question.

YOU challenged me to a debate with YOU AND MR RUSHTON (2 v 1). I said yes, but as a moderated debate with a moderator that would do a good job to prevent it being just a shouting match. I am sure you can see the benefits of that if a debate is what you want.

I think the Rogan-formatted Dibble vs Hancock debate had a lot to offer. I do not see any reasdsin to choose anything else. What are you afraid of?

I also stipulated that since the challenge involved two tekkies, then there should be two arkies to even it up. But not just any old British archaeologist - some of them are IMO complete idiots.

I saw the careful way Dr Dibble prepared for the Hancock debate, he actually read Hancock's books, considered ALL the issues Hancock raised, and prepared answers on all of them.

That is the kind of preparation I would expect going into this debate with you. That's why I think he'd be a worthy opponent for the two of you. Any problems with debating the issues with somebody who has come prepared?

Have you contacted him yet?

Paul Barford said...

BTW, if you have any comments about this debate, DO NOT post them under other totally unrelated posts, let's keep them all in one place. What kind of a moron would do something like that? No, the Harris is right out, I hate Preston anyway. More importantly, you said you'd arranged for an exhibition of Polish finds that you wanted me to organize to be staged there (another of your dumbass challehges). When I wrote to the Museum asking about insurance (with the recent issues there in mind), they said they'd never heard of you and that no such exhibition had been discussed with them.

Not a good look for either of you then. Either they are lying or you are an untrustworthy confabulist. I tend to trust the museum.

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