Tuesday 28 May 2024

Debate is in the Air: Let's Get it Out in the Open.

Octogenerian metal detectorist, retired microbiologist Dr William Shephard claims to have a pro-detecting archaeologist ("lovely finds from his dig last Sunday") who is his "bulwark", and has thrown down a challenge in the name of British artefact hunters
28 May 2024 at 12:50:

Well, Paul, I, and Mr. Rushton would be prepared to meet with you at any location you prefer, to discuss the merits, or otherwise of metal detecting, do you agree to such a meet?
Blogger Paul Barford saidBlogger Paul Barford said...
Two against one eh?

You have still not explained who this "Mr Rushton" is. But, assuming he's a pro-detecting archaeologist, yes, I'll take you on.

Let us do a Hancock-Dibble -style debate, same format, film it and post it up for public information.

But to even it up, so it is not the two of you against my views alone, I ropose asking Flint Dibble - who has already informed me (pers.comm.) that he'd be up to doing a debate with artefact hunters. He has the broad knowledge and experience that would inform such a debate (He's also a Marie-Sklowdowska Curie Research Fellow, in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University which makes it appropriate). So yes, please contact Dr Dibble and see if he's interested in talking to you. Maybe he could provide a venue there in Cardiff and there'd be an audience of students at least.

As a moderator, I would like to suggest Mike Heyworth, who has also some broad experience with public archaeology and metal detecting issues/PAS liaison. He would be an ideal moderator I think, if he'll agree. Try him.

I'd also like to do it the way Joe Rogan did, starting off with a presentation, and incorporating short video presentations with a couple of talking heads, I have two people in mind who have something to say on this issue.

As for timing, I probably am not free until mid-September.
Let us do it, but do it properly.

Vignette:  film combat.pl


Hougenai said...

Your offer has been up for 4 days, no takers.

They're obviously too busy conserving the weekend's 'Lovely finds', describing them, passing on the details including findspot (pasture) to the PAS, that or fondling them as is their wont.
Or is the offer just the veiled threat it appears?

Paul Barford said...

Well, I admit I am a bit puzzled myself, he seemed so eager for a two-on-one debate. Where are they?

De. William Shephard said...

My reply, forwarded on my email will never be published in its entirety by this Gobbelesian censor.

Paul Barford said...

There is nothing "Gobbelesbian" in not bothering to publish the flood of comments you've been trying to post on MY (MY) blog that are invariably (a) off topic - unreleted to the post above, (b) adding nothing to the discussion of said topic, (c) mostly ad personam, and (d) often downright abusive and offensive. Send something that substantively and civilly engages with the points raised, then it'll be published.

I have received no email.

A private email is NOT the public debate you (YOU) challenged me to.

De. William Shephard said...

Who the f*ck are you, and what are your credentials?

Paul Barford said...

De. William Shephard said...

"Who the f*ck are you, and what are your credentials?


De. William Shephard said...

Let's go pal...

Paul Barford said...

I have already stated that I am willing to meet the Challenger and his supporting detecting pal, and that it needs to be a moderated debate. I suggested that Mike Heyworth sould be the obvious candidate (former CBA/"Archaeology for all" Director, many years on Portable Antiquities Committee, wholly conversant with a whole load of issues concerning treasure and commercial rallies - cant think of anyone better). Since his "side" will be two people I would like a co-participant too. I proposed Dr Dibble as I have seen how well he prepared for the Hancock debate and I know we are on a similar enough wavelength to collaborate together. I have asked Dr Shephard to contect him, and ask if he is interested in debating this with him, and if so, how does he want to do it. I suggestd sticking to the same format as the debate with hancock - if Dr Dibble agrees. The venue can dbe settled with Dr Dibble.

The ball really is in Dr Shephard's court. He seems to be dragging his feet and stalling.

De. William Shephard said...

Why should I excuse you? Have you farted? What gives you the right to comment on behalf of a bigoted, illiterate, ill-informed blogger known as Paul Barford, posing as an archaeologist?

Paul Barford said...

De. William Shephard said...
"Why should I excuse you? Have you farted? What gives you the right to comment on behalf of a bigoted, illiterate, ill-informed blogger known as Paul Barford, posing as an archaeologist?"

Oh, is this your puerile attempt to escape the debate to which you rashly challenged me? It looks like it. The above is why nobody should be debating British metal detetorists without a moderator. Many of them simply don't know how to behave.

De. William Shephard said...

Oh no, you wriggling worm, all the conditions are in place, it is up to you to place your yellow arse in the chair opposite mine, to situate your chosen backer next to you, and let the debate begin...why are you suddenly finding an excuse not to participate?

Paul Barford said...

"all the conditions are in place", yes?

As Organiser of the debate, it is up to you to invite the other two debaters (Dr Dibble and Mr Rushton), engage the Moderator (Mike Heyworth) and set up the arrangements of the venue convenient fgor all five participants.

Also as I said, it needs to be filmed and put up in a public forum, have you fixed that? Who will be doing that?

Or are you just mythmaking when you say everything is fixed - as I discovered you were when you affirmed that you had already set up an "exhibition challnge" at Preston Museumn and when I phoned up to check, nobody there had even heard of you?

I am sure you will understand that nobody from Poland is coming to England, getting one of your God-awful trains to some provincial town, paying for a hotel there on a vague say-so of an anonymous metal detectorist in the comments box here without firm documentation that indeed "all the conditions are in place". When they are, and the actual nature of your challenge is defined. I will come.

Although I will admit, phrases like "wriggling worm", "yellow ass" make me feel that the role and position of he moderator is going to be an important one to maintain discipline and decorum. I am not coming to a nasty slanging match.

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