Friday 10 May 2024

More on those Hyper-Precise "Ancient Lathe-Turned Vessels" from the Antiquities Market

The US collector who bouught an "antiquity" on the market and assumes it is what the COA says it is has now begun to get abusive when evidence is pointed out that he cannot accept:
Matt Beall @MattbLimitless
There we have it folks, Flint Chisel Dibble. By hand lol! That’s hilarious. The tool marks on the interior don’t indicate that it was made by hand. They indicate that it was turned on a sophisticated lathe[...]. Hopefully that’s the most ridiculous assumption you’ve had in a long time. This is to within a microscopic amount of perfect roundness. Of course it was turned and not made by hand. [...] Aren’t you a Greek Bronze Age person? Have you ever handled even one of these to have a clue how they were made? 12:31 AM · May 11, 2024
Ryan @RWrxghtyyy · 18m
He doesn’t understand it because he doesn’t have the trained eyes to see the evidence of machinery in this artefact. As a engineer and like many other engineers we all say this is machined by a CNC with precision. It’s only the untrained archeologists that are in denial.
wardamnjay @wardamnjay · 1h
Those vases are racist aren't they Flint
and it just goes on:

you cannot explain because you are a retarded tribalist who is pissed that people don't respect your overpriced piece of paper and that you may be wrong in your beliefs; so you are lashing out against those that make you look like a fool


Flint Dibble @FlintDibble
1. Your stone vessel from the art market has no archaeological context. So tell me how you know when it was made?[...] I'm done with this conversation. Good luck. I hope you read more actual archaeology and stop buying looted artifacts
Matt Beall @MattbLimitless · 1h
Flint, thanks for the advice but you dig up people’s graves for a living and you steal their possessions from their final resting place. I’ve purchased these legally, after they’ve been looted by archaeology.
I guess it is some special kind of uninformed that considers that anything bought from a London antiquities dealer with a COA must have been exccavated by archaeologists who then sold them off onto the market. This is why (and the ad homimnem abuse) there is little point in discussing the finer points of archaeology with people that do not actually understand some basic things about source criticism.

Bastet @Bastet545169547 · May 8
That particular vase does not look authentic. The sharp vertical top/lip doesn't match any from the pre-dynastic period. They tend to be either rounded or turn outwards - never straight vertical. I've looked at countless vases in the Arnold Meijer collection and none have this.
Bastet @Bastet545169547
The link below is an excellent resource of AE vases. I've pretty much viewed every one and none have that sharp vertical top. None either have such sharp "perfect" features. Hand work and imperfections are obvious in pretty much all the originals. Stone Vessels
Predynastic to
the Middle Kingdom
From the art market - 988 images
Museum collections - 460 images
12:09 AM · May 9, 2024
Bastet @Bastet545169547 · May 9
[...] The vases this rich dude with the channel has snapped up all look very modern to me. The ones he analyses at least. They all seem a little too perfect compared to the originals.
Obviously, in order to provide convincing evidence to support his thesis of a "lost technology" Mr Beall needs to get access to excavated (grounded) examples - but he could face an uphill battle isf all he can do when challenged is get abusive and aggressive.

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