Wednesday 22 May 2024

Let us See [UPDATED]


EBay dealer made me an offer (reduced from  US $900.00  to $800.00). My reply:

 No thanks, I "watched" this coin as an example of what seems to me to be a moderately dangerous fake. The coin looks to be cast rather than struck.  If you paid a lot of money for it, in my opinion there is a high chance that you were cheated - before you sell it as an authentic artefact, you need to get an experienced specialist to look at it - maybe a metal analysis too. You also need to say what its collection history is and whether any export licences exist for it to reach Thailand legally.  Good luck. 
The use of a broken caliper as a scale (diam c. 16mm) really looks unprofessional. The legend is ANTONIN AVG PONT TRP III[]. rev" CONCORDIA AUG. I am not in my library at the moment, so cannot search for this coimn, but I have feeling I'd not find it. First of all, correct me if I am wrong, but that PONT looks a bit odd if this is Antoninus Pius as Augustus. I suspect this is a nonsense inscription (?). Above all an aureus of that emperor would be around 19mm in diameter and weigh 7.2/7.3g. This one is 16mm and weight is (they say) 3.9gm. Is this coin in fact modelled on a denarius (which are about that diameter)? So let us see how the seller reacts.

UPDATE 25.05.2024 

Seller Uddiyana Art (308) 100% positive (" PrivateRegistered as private seller, so consumer rights stemming from EU consumer protection law do not apply") Ignored my message. Seller's other items.
Some of their "Gandhara-stuff-without-mention-of-export-licences"  is quite nicely done (and - ahem -evenly patinated), others less-so. Most of their stuff is overpriced. 

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