Monday 26 March 2012

UK TV "Archaeology": Britain's Secret "Secret Treasure" Programme

I see the British Museum has already been on this blog four times to see if I'd mentioned their secret little ITV programme today. I had not at the time they looked, I have now. Here's a little something for those who've not been following the sage, some links to a few old posts about the affair.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010
TV Antiquities Roadshow: Archaeological Catastrophe

Wednesday, 15 December 2010
Conservation-Friendly TV Programme on British Portable Antiquities?

Thursday, 23 December 2010
"They tore it up and binned it immediately"

20 Feb 2011
British Museum to endorse TV treasure hunting programme? ... a
television series for ITV entitled 'Britain's Secret Treasures' which
will take as ...British Museum to endorse TV treasure hunting
programme? | Rescue

29 Mar 2011, Portable Antiquities Scheme to endorse TV treasure hunting
any case are not Britain's secret Treasures the ones that are not
reported by artefact hunters? Now I'd like to see a programme
focussing .

3 Apr 2011, INDEPENDENT: Jonathan Owen: Anger as TV show endorsesmetal-detecting
'plunderers' - TV .. "Britain's Secret Treasures, a series being developed by ITV 1, sets out to tell the stories of people who have struck gold, such as Terry Herbert..."

6 Jul 2011, 'Britain's Secret Treasures' : So, it IS going ahead then... "Hi there, My name is Sinead and I am working on a new pilot series at ITV called 'Britain's Secret Treasures'. In conjunction with the
British Muiseum..."

20 Aug 2011
"Britain's Secret Treasures": Complete Silence from British ... "Six months ago, RESCUE The Trust for British Archaeology wrote to ..."

14 Sep 2011
Britain's Secret Treasures" Out This Month? Or Next Year? "The news about this programme broke here with a shocking leaked email from ..."

Thursday, 22 March 2012, 'Focus on Metal Detecting: Respect Our History', "Allow me to quote something from the SAFE blog: Respect Our History: End Production of American Digger and Diggers!"

You will not read stuff like this over on the CBA's "Britarch" (where they do not discuss metal detecting issues) or the BAJR Federation forum (ditto), nor the PAS forum (because they pretend not to have one - but they still do).

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