Friday, 30 March 2012

The Curse of Ka Nefer Nefer and "Collectors' Rights"

For the details of the latest instalment in the Ka-Nefer-Nefer scandal I refer readers to Rick St Hilaire's blog ('Ka Nefer Nefer Case Resumes After Lengthy Hiatus'). It beats me how the staff and Trustees of SLAM can sleep at nights. The most significant piece is the argument, which one would have thought should be being widely discussed in collecting circles:
"SLAM adds that the mummy mask is not contraband per se (such as illegal drugs) "as [artifacts] may be lawfully owned and become contraband only based on a connection with a criminal act."
The coiney lobbobloggers are staying off the subject though. Should the case go against SLAM on this point, this obviously sets a wonderful precedent - and if I were a collector supporting the import of smuggled dugups I'd be watching the unfolding of this one with great foreboding.

As it later turned out, as I was writing that, a US judge was checking the punctuation on a nine-page ruling that was to be read the next day and overturn all that optimism. and of course when that judgement was read, suddenly the coiney lobboblogger and all the rest took great interest. The battle is not yet over however.

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