Saturday 9 January 2021

Shame About the Freedom of Movement: UK Detectorist Interested in Foreign Looting Opportunities

Seymour Pratt (self employed and post in Ministère des Finances) has noted (24th November 2019)
" Areas not under central government control. Metal detecting allowed without permission !"



Duncan Finch said...

Why are you upset about this? You should be delighted that loads of English detectorists will start to flock to conflict areas like Libya, Somalia, Mali, wherever. Just imagine, a bunch of 'gung-ho' detectorists arrive in Libya and starting searching away. Within a few hours one of the zillion local militias will find them, shoot most on the spot and burn the rest alive as infidel agents! Or just imprison them a la Barbary Pirates. Maybe you could secretly open a special Metal Detectorist travel agency sending people like that to places like that on round trip tours ("our motto: 12 hours to go, 12 years to come back"). You should stop being so righteously angry and start looking for silver linings...

Paul Barford said...

I want them to STOP damaging sites, I don't want them to die.

The point I was using this to make however is that so-called "metal detecting" in the UK is exactly the same phenomenon as the looting that takes place in these other areas.

Brian Mattick said...

"local militias will find them, shoot most on the spot".

That'll come as a shock to them after 20 years in Britain being told they're heritage heroes!

Hougenai said...

Perhaps Let's go Digging or similar will be running a charity event clearing ordnance from former conflict areas? (usual finds agreement applies, any ordnance worth £2k or less to be retained by finder).

Perhaps we should support such a charitable cause and chip in a few bob towards a charry

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