Saturday 9 January 2021

UK Tekkie Reasoning


This is part of the discussion going on in detecting circles about the Times article on metal detecting rallies. I'm going to leave it with the original punctuation, you work out what the guy wanted to say...

Gerry Llewellyn
Whatever the out come what ever is said m/d licence i had 1 cause they said i had to have one they tried that more detectors came tried to ban it it didnt work this hobby round world is worth so many millions same in uk so theres no ban on its way to much money being made gov gets big slice of it but he is crying about the missing stuff undeclared from big digs etc we all know it goes on but not every one is of same mind thats life But the farmer i feel sorry for he gets great sum of money thinks he has done well but he is biggest loser sad thing hes lost more than he was paid oh the joys of detecting
So, he asserts that somehow the UK government is getting a big slice of the "millions" made on the hobby. Yet a few dozen words down, he admits that much more could be retrieved by regulating the hobby better. That's tekkie logic for you.

Imagine the conversation with the FLO: "Now Mr Llewellyn, I want you to tell me for our records in your own words what you observed about the archaeological context of that hoard you dug up, its relationship to other evidence in the field, and the mutual interrelationships between the 37 items as they lay in the ground, OK?

I think they should get this guy to write the rebuttal article for "The Times" that they were talking about doing. That'd really set the tone.  

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