Sunday 17 January 2021

Ripping up the UK Heritage with the Heritage Alliance

Heritage Alliance 15th January 2021:
The header image for this week's issue, which shows an enthusiast surveying a field with a metal detector, is from the Association of Detectorists - one of our newest members. The Association of Detectorists has been formed on heritage and conservation principles, with the intention of becoming a research and educational Institute of Detectorists. Find out more here
An association of "enthusiasts". The metal detector, whether used "enthusiastically" or not is an artefact hunter's tool. The only connection this has with "heritage" is the Heinrich Schliemann type. And I expect the HerAll very well know this. So why call people engaged in collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological heritage "enthusiasts" and not looters? Who else will they ally themselves with? Leyliners?

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Brian Mattick said...

"Metal detecting enthusiasts" is a phrase invented about 10 years ago by PAS, presumably to convince farmers and the press they were dealing with fine fellows. See Google, more than 10,000 hits.

It still appears whenever PAS briefs the press. See this, the Guardian, just last month, "Britain's army of metal detecting enthusiasts".

They started it after Lammy's notorious claim about heritage heroes was so widely ridiculed and is a continuation of the turd polishing tradition. I'm surprised the Heritage Alliance used it. Do they not understand that train enthusiasts harmlessly enthuse about trains whereas metal detecting enthusiasts aren't enthusiastic about metal detectors at all. If they were there'd be no need for a PAS.

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