Monday 11 January 2021

FLO Selling Antiques? Eh?

Details, Mr Grey?

Stephen Grey
I’ve heard of an antique shop in York kept well stocked by a FLO. So could work both ways but I wouldn’t ask the times to print that.


Brian Mattick said...

The PAS "would probably not exist if not for the very people he’s attacking."


Hougenai said...

To coin a phrase 'It's legal innit'.

You have to love the irony.
There is no legislation to prevent a FLO 'getting in there first', using their position to purchase items from detectorists, to then re-sell through a shop.
Ethics is another matter.

In light of Mr Grey's recognition of the ethical question of a FLO selling antiquities, you wonder if he will be so cognisant in relation to his, and his chums, detecting activities

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