Friday, 15 June 2012

US Court Does not Buy Coin Collectors' Conspiracy Theory: Disallows Intrusive Snooping

Concerning a recent case, Lobboblogger Tompa informs his readers: "The Government's motion is available on-line for those with a "Pacer" account with the federal court system". Thanks to a tip-off, I can inform mine that if they follow this link they will find a much more interesting text by Marimer Matos:
'Feds Didn't Shortchange Coin Collectors on Info', courthouse News Service, Thursday, June 14, 2012 

The State Department did not illegally conceal coin-importation regulations from collectors, a federal judge ruled. In a 2007 complaint, three coin-collecting associations claimed that the U.S. State Department had blown off their eight requests for information on the restrictions surrounding ancient coin importation. The collectors said the government would not reveal limitations on importing ancient coins from Cyprus, Italy and China, and it also refused to explain how the regulations were created.
As my readers will know, to their eternal shame, the ACCG were after emails sent to the DoS  by the late Dr. Danielle Parks, an archaeology professor. The coin fondlers think intrusive snooping of this type acceptable, the US court does not: "This court finds, based on the evidence provided by State, that there was a demonstrated expectation of confidentiality between the parties and that the redacted portions of the e-mails have been appropriately withheld under exemption". The court ruled excessive and unreasonable the other demands of the Professional (sic) Numismatic Guild, the International Association of Professional (sic) Numismatists and the Ancient Coin Collectors' (sic) Guild.

UPDATE 16th June 2012: Despite the court not accepting the intimations of the PNG, AIPN and ACCG that there was some kind of a cover-up of a conspiracy going on, their Lobboblogger - instead of issuing an apology to the dead woman's family - still insists there was. Disgusting and disturbing.

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Paul Barford said...

I am not posting Peter Tompa's comment (before he says it, the FIRST time I have disallowed one of his posts). It seems from the link it contained he's made his allegations about the (assumed on no real evidence) "activities" late Ms Parks on his own blog. I do not want them repeated here, when the person accused is unable to reply.

And frankly,I REALLY do not think any of what the ACCG are doing has any real meaning.

Responsible collectors should be concentrating on collecting responsibility, not ganging together to try to get increased access to illegally exported coins from other countries. Full stop.

Trying to snoop on the affairs of a dead person to score political points shows full well and right out in the open just what kind of people we are dealing with.

Shame on you collectors. All of you who condone the ACCG charade by remaining silent about it.

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