Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Some CBS Viewers: "Why Looting takes Place"

In Pakistan, Cultural Property Lawyer Kimberly Alderman alerts: Smuggling in Pakistan Out of Control [!] Shock-horror. Well, the original article read: 'Pakistan struggles to control smuggling of Buddhist antiquities for black market trade', which seems to set a somewhat different tone. But just LOOK at the three comments underneath. Talk about bigotry...

lami987 says:
Many of them are too religious. They riot and demonstrate on anything that even slightly mock at their religion. Every riot or demonstration takes money that they don't have very much of furthermore that make them less productive and make some of them even poorer.

progoyim says:
why bother to return to the silly savages they will go all jihad and destroy them .

4july says:
How can you be in a country that funds the development of a nuclear bomb but can't afford to protect relics in the desert?

Indeed, how can you 4July?  Like here? Or here? Or here? And here? Here? Or a whole host of vandalised and looted Native American sites right through the deserts of another bomb-loving country. I really do not think damaging ancient sites is something only done by people with brown skins and a military with bombs (unless "4July" has a theory blaming only a certain segment of US society for the site vandalism there? )

I wonder what "too religious" means?


Anonymous said...

The articles you linked to deal more with discrete acts of vandalism than a major black market of smuggling relics (like we saw in Iraq and see in Syria now) or a systematic attempt to eliminate artifacts for religious reasons, as we saw with the Taliban in Afghanistan with Buddhist statues, the threats of current Egyptian leadership against pharaonic sites, and in Mali.

Paul Barford said...

The sites are being"protected" or not?

As I said this blog contains reference to a whole host of sites in the US looted to get artefacts to collect or sell, there was one about "twitchers" in the Ozarks, there has been the scandalous Four Corners case, I have mentioned several BDM investigations, there was the Alaskan mammoth tusk the other day. The rock art was mentioned because most of it was out in the "desert".

Is there any reason the examples you cite all come from the Moslem world "Moneyjihad"?

Paul Barford said...

person confirmed there was, but I choose not to publish their anti-Moslem comment here.

I think we can find examples of various groups, religious, political or social destroying each other's monuments - the United States where this Pastor Terry Jones wannabe lives no doubt is no exception.

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