Monday, 15 October 2012

US Campaigners' Attitudes Backfire

In the post above (Shooting at El Hibeh) I think we also see the results of the apparent unwillingness to foster a proper exchange of views by Dr Carol Redmount and her fellows in the Save El Hibeh campaign. The point I raised, and for which I was summarily chucked out of the group, concerned the relationship between the foreign archaeologists and the Egyptians on the ground at the site. Back in July, Redmount and her fellows apparently did not want to even acknowledge that such a question exists and deleted my post. But now we see the effects of such an approach, the US campaigners are now only second-hand recipients of far-off rumour two weeks behind the times, rather than being treated as an equal partner in the forefront of the action. So what that they set up a facebook page if it achieves nothing, except looking good ('getting out among the people') on somebody's academic resume? Having "social media" is one thing, but just what are we trying to achieve, with what readership in mind, and how do we intend to go about it (and why)? [That is a question one might very well address to this blog too of course]. 

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