Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wayne Sayles: "Archaeologist Barford endorses WGS Store". Ummm, is that what I say?

It has long been obvious to me that, like metal detectorists in the UK, US coineys have some problems with the written word. Coin dealer Wayne Sayles manages to read a post of mine from the beginning of the month as an "endorsement" ('Archaeologist Barford endorses WGS Store'). Since I have done nothing of the kind, one can only conclude that senility is taking its toll on the ACCG crowd from the Executive Director down. What a buffoon.

Wayne Sayles of course omits to give the link to the post to which he refers, presumably aware that no slack-jawed shallow-minded ACCG coiney reading his blog will ever want to check the source of the information. Let's just post it here for those coineys who might be slightly more enquiring than the typical ACCG-supporter. I'll put it in big letters so they notice it:

Who, with an IQ higher than 85, sees an "endorsement" there?

A few months ago, Mr Sayles announced (at a CPAC hearing) that he had gone into retirement as a dealer. He also seemed to have tired of bickering with archaeologists and preservationists. At the same time he actually deleted all the posts on his blog attacking opponents of the no-questions-asked market such as myself and Nathan Elkins, the ones about "Goose-stepping" and "space cadets" and other suchlike insults. It really did look for a time that the blog "Ancient Coin Collecting" was actually going to be about the collecting of ancient coins. In response, I determined that I'd not write on this blog about the old man any more; if he was handing over the lobbying and aggro to others, I figured, let him enjoy his retirement in peace. I even came close to deciding to delete all my old posts about things he'd written or said. It is a good job I did not, as he's back with his old tricks and they are still applicable. So he wrote some nonsense post about "analysis" of "Turkoman" coins (astrology crap). I left the topic unremarked. Before that was the cringingly-embarrassing "Open Letter to Paul Ryan" (immediately reminiscent of a category of  loyalty-expressing literature over here in Communist times [shudder]).  Sayles wrote the other day one about "important collections" which raised some questions in my mind. I left it. Then he comes out with this absolutely unprovoked and wholly preposterous misrepresentation of my own personal position about this kind of selling. Well, that certainly looks like the old Wayne Sayles is back with his accustomed brand of  provocation, the puerile quest to annoy and elicit a reaction.

Vignette:  endorsment


Cultural Property Observer said...

You obviously lack a sense of humor amongst other issues....

Paul Barford said...

Oh this is supposed to be funny is it?

Sort of like "Archaeologist Barford endorses vivisection", "Archaeologist Barford endorses fox hunting", or "Archaeologist Barford endorses Drink-driving"?

I do not see the joke, frankly.

Odd sort of idea of a "sense of humour" witless coineys have.

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