Wednesday, 7 November 2018

This is What Archaeology is Ábout? PAS Archaeological outreach'

Just when you thought the Portable Antiquities Scheme could not get more pathetic, you come across another piece of their public-funded shallow dumbdown masquerading as public archaeology:

Remember these are not finds the Scheme staff have made as a result of their own work, these are objects found by others they are showing off here. Grow up PAS and treat your public like grown-ups and not nine year olds. Archaeology is like a gryphaea fossil? In what way? Tell us about the context.

Instead of trick or treat'' posing with other-people's-goodies, why not take the task of education more seriously, and adress the question of the importance in the Medieval calendar of All Saints Day. Can you do that, referring to archaeological evidence recorded by the Scheme and its partners (and I'm not talking about seals from an ecclesiastical institution with that dedication)... neither just using the objects to illustrate a document-derived narrative. Surely that's the way to make "Halloween" relevant. 

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