Saturday, 30 March 2019

Something wrong surely? Archaeological Values of the PAS Database (III)

The standards of the 'information' on the PAS database keep throwing up problems when you try to use it for research. Trying to look up what gold coins are found in the UK between 1066 and 1344 to answer a question in a public consultation document finds the PAS claiming a non-existent gold coinage of Edward II
Object type certainty: Certain
Workflow status: Awaiting validation Find awaiting validation
Gold quarter noble of Edward II (1327-77) minted in London
Somehow I think this is a find that might not survive 'validation', if ever anyone gets around to looking at these old records. 

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the FLO to do a lurid "On this day" 21st September tweet involving anal rape with a red hot poker... that's about the level of most of their "outreach" these days.

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