Monday, 20 September 2021

Auction Cancelled over Pre-Columbian Artefacts


Although last week German authorities allowed the Munich sale of pre-Columbian items including those contested by Mexico to go ahead, the Italians took more positive steps (Natalia Puertas Cavero, 'Auction of stolen Mexican patrimony canceled in Rome' Al Dia September 20, 2021) On Sept. 16, an auction was announced at the Casa Bertolami Fine Arts gallery in Rome gallery including 17 pieces belonging to Mexico's cultural heritage. After the news, Italian police (the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Italy), intervened and the auction was cancelled the auction.

Among the goods are anthropomorphic figures and clay pots, whose styles and characteristics belong to different Mesoamerican cultures from different periods.
The Mexican authorities issued a statement and announced that the pieces have been submitted for examination as to their illicit provenance, and if it is confirmed, the objects concerned will be returned to Mexico.

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