Saturday, 11 September 2021

A Few More Truths About Metal Detecting

New post by heritageaction on The Heritage Journal (11/09/2021)

National Council for Metal Detecting confesses at last!

Revealed in their latest Annual Financial Report:
1.) "At the end of this year, 31st March 2021, we had £338,340 in tangible cash assets". Yes, you read it right, a third of a million pounds. Compare and contrast the PAS fundraising appeal which has raised only £1248 from detectorists since 2015. Detectorists tell farmers they love and support PAS. They clearly don't.
2.) "Our membership at end of year stood at 22929". Yes, you read that right too, nearly 23,000, to which can be added those who are members of the other organisation, FID, and of none. Compare and contrast our Erosion Counter, which assumes there are only 8,000 detectorists. Detectorists claim our estimate of the amount of non-reporting is far too high. It looks like it is massively understated. .
and all over the country archaeologists will continue to "partner" them - for free (or rather at your cost, gentle reader).


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