Friday 19 November 2021

PAS: So What Are the Real Figures Anyway, and How Are They Calculated?


This is actually getting quite confusing. The other day, the obtrusive counter on the homepage of the PAS database was showing that there were 999,335 records of a total of 1,553,446 objects. I wrote about it. PAS then decided to hid the actuual number of records.... Not wanting to miss the "1,000,000th record", I tried this morning to use the "overall statistics" tab to get the number today... this is the result.

Yes, it says 997,082 records of 1,550,652 objects. So where are the missing 2000 records of some 3000 objects? Why is there a discrepancy between what one part of the PAS Database webpage says and another page of the same website shows? 

 Even if this is a matter of paper records from the pre-digital age, even if you do the search from 1996-01-01 to today, you get: Total objects recorded: 1,550,652 Total records: 997086 (reminder: today it says "1,553,928" and the number of records is hidden). How "difficult" can it be to tell the public who pay for it how many records a given database contains? Is anyone keeping track of what the PAS is up to?  Why is PAS sitting on this information? What is the PAS hiding, and why? Where is the transparency that we require from so-called "Responsible Metal Detectorists"? This is actually quite appalling. 

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