Thursday 16 December 2021

Sow' Ears, Silk Purses and Public Information

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 facts in public information 

How do the Portable Antiquities Scheme do it? According to the database statistics when I last checked, on 12 Dec 2021 there were 999966 records. By end of 13 Dec, there were 1,000,212. But the PAS daily statistics tell us that on Monday 13th December only 84 records were made. Rachel Hall of the Guardian, on the other hand, somehow reported on 14 Dec 2021 that the "one millionth record" had been made with NLM-B7AFF3 on 22nd November 2021 (today: "Created: 25 days ago Updated: 3 days ago" what did they "update" on 14th December 2021 after I contacted them and the journalist about this entry?). 

 What is going on here? How much money has been spent on this "public database" and what public purpose does it serve if the public that pay for it cannot get even the simplest information out of it in a reliable form? But I do not expect this is a question that any "Guardian" journalist will be asking, I contacted Ms Hall three days ago and she seems uninterested in responding, neither has the Guardian published a correction to the information she published as a result. Why let the difficulty of establishing verifiable facts get in the way of a "press moment", eh?

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