Friday 24 December 2021

Two Million For Christmas


Well, that's quite an interesting Christmas present.... the "Statcount" hit-counter in the left margin (that is not always visible, but it's been clicking away all the time) tells me that just a few minutes ago the number of outside hits i.e., those not generated by my own consulting, adding to, fiddling with posts here) passed the two million mark. So the PAS got their one-millionth record "some time" just recently and the Barford blog two million reads. I think though they will claim their database has more "hits" of people looking at the raw data.  I'm going for Article 10 of the 1970 UNESCO Convention. Are they?  

As an aside, Google Blogs has another internal one, which is shooting ahead quite startlingly, it says that this blog has a total of 4,759,462 hits. No prizes for guessing which one the metal detectorists and PAS will prefer.

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