Thursday 14 April 2022

A Lady and her Scarab

On 'Invaluable', Plakas Auctions, Property Of European Lady, Collection Since 1980's Of Ancient Art and Antiquities by Plakas Auctions April 22, 2022 London, United Kingdom
Lot 141: Egyptian Funerary Scarab In Jasper Late-Ptolemaic Period, 664-30 BC
Est: £1,200 - £1,800
Description:  Egyptian Funerary Scarab In Jasper Late-Ptolemaic Period, 664-30 BC  See similar The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 89.2.398, for comparable; Petrie, W.M.F., Amulets, London, 1914.
Property of a London gentleman; before that in the private collection of a Kensington collector; previously in the collection of Mrs Petra Schamelman, Breitenbach, Germany; acquired from the collection of Fernand Adda, formed in the 1920s
Length 3.6cm
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Ask them about the hieroglyphs. Which way are they meant to be read? And why do they look as if made by a Dremel? The 'kingfisher' sign is unusual, not in Gardiner, is it? And of course the thing does not look even the tiniest bit like MetMus Acc. 89.2.398 accessible a mouse click away online.  Does it? The very idea - what kind of "experts" does  Mr Plakas employ?  The lady (or is it a "gentleman"?) has/had a whole load of other very, um, "original" looking antiquities. In the antiquities collecting world, there is one born every minute - and this thing has (reportedly) passed through the hands of and been kept by four collectors in the last century!

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