Friday, 9 December 2022

Missing Objects: UK Detectorists Asked Not to Publicise or Discuss Publicly

Communication sent to metal detector users from the NCMD Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:32 am defining concerns about the floundering Portable Antiquities Scheme

NCMD committee has been highlighting to Michael Lewis, the PAS Advisory Group and the DCMS that in our view, both the current finds recording process and the treasure process in their current form are not fit for purpose and as a result, are making it difficult for our members to record their finds.

Indeed, it seems that some of our members have given up recording altogether and that is a major concern to the NCMD committee. To understand the facts around the processes, including the management of lost items, we have requested a range of information via FOI requests.
I should also mention at this point that a number treasure of items have gone missing in the NW of England which is being classed as a potential theft. I would emphasise that this is an isolated incident and needs to be viewed as such. There is a police investigation being conducted and we need to react according, so please refrain from making comments on social media until the full facts have been released [...] We will shortly be running a poll in regard to previous lost finds, so we’ll be in touch again in due course.
The message here is a bit confusing, the NCMD on the one hand assures its members that "this is an isolated incident" but on the other hand seems to have been recipient of information from somewhere that suggest there have been other instances. In such a case, one wonders why they make a firm statement (presumably we are invited to assume that they already have factual evidence to bolster that statement), while at the same time the numpties are still trying to muster the factual information that would bolster such a statement. In the latter case, it would seem that to make such a statement is premature. Bonkers, but, hey: "British metal detectorists", eh?  More to the point, where is the public statement of the PAS and its partner institution on this? Anyone seen one?



Alan S. said...

"a number treasure of items have gone missing in the NW of England which is being classed as a potential theft"

Irony much? Every item hoiked out and not reported is essentially a theft!

John H said...

It must be pleasing for you to have a real person like Alan S. posting a comment. 'What th edhell.' Presumably this is supposed to be 'What the hell'

Paul Barford said...

Unclear what you mean. But hey: "British metal detectorists", eh?

Yes, a real person making a comment about a real issue; one that calls into question the whole point of having a Portable Antiquities Scheme that is not supported by the artefact hunting community. No wonder that you wish to deflect attention from by your horsing around.

John H said...

"Unclear what you mean..." You can't possibly that dim?

Only in your jaundiced view! The PAS is a fine organisation and unlike you, is distinguished.

I get the impression from you rantings that the only talent you have is to sneer at the talent of others.

John H said...

Judging from your incessant rantings, the only talent you seem to possess is the talent to sneer at the the talent of others.

Hougenai said...

Perhaps Mr Howland could further add to our tally of 'finds missing from PAS

From previous communications, PB and I came up with one, the Durham train incident.
This case, where there is a prime suspect for theft, is a second.

Does two losses, in over a million objects submitted to the process, really amount to much of an issue? Especially when considered against all the objects we will never know of as they are unreported, kept by finders in who knows what conditions, and disposed of who knows how.

( Changing subject but still another question for Mr H.
These repetitive accusations of self responding under an assumed identity makes one wonder if it's something familiar. Is it a tactic you employ on your own wordpress site?)

Paul Barford said...

I often wonder what happened to Candice Jarman from Bournemouth. I worry that the poor lady might have been attacked by some homophobic alt-right Brexit-voting detectorist, Maybe Mr H can say what happened to her.

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