Monday 6 February 2023

Issue of London Thames 'Mudlarking' Permits Suspended to "Protect the Integrity and the Archaeology of the Foreshore"

Anon, 'Mudlarking' permits for River Thames halted after historical hobby sees surge in popularity Euronews 29/11/2022 The Port of London Authority has stopped issuing new permits for 'mudlarking' along the River Thames, after experiencing a huge surge in popularity. The hobby involves searching for historical artefacts washed up along the banks of London's famous waterway. Licences began to be issued by the Port of London in 2016. The permits are required for any forms of searching, digging, or for use of metal detectors, and the activities are only permitted in certain areas of the foreshore. Any unearthed treasures are supposed to be reported to the Museum of London. But in reality, many historical items are kept by the finder. "We've gone from about 200 foreshore permits issued four or five years ago, to 5,000 now, and that's a vast increase", said James Trimmer, Director of Planning & Development of the Port of London Authority. "What we're doing is protecting the integrity and the archaeology of the foreshore", he explained. [...] the popular pastime is seen as more of a treasure hunt into the past.

See also: Josh Salisbury, ' Port of London suspends new ‘mudlarking’ permits to protect River Thames’ ‘historical integrity’ Evening Standard 23 November 2022, where Mr Trimmer is further quted, saying: “Basically, there are too many permits in circulation at the moment. “The foreshore’s historic store of treasures, rare and mundane, are in danger of just disappearing. We’ve also seen a large rise in foreshore finds being sold, which isn’t permitted. “We’ve acted, before it’s too late.” A spokesperson for Historic England is also quted, saying:
“ “We all wish to enable safe public access and controlled beach combing to allow people to enjoy the Thames and its rich history. “However, the recent upsurge in interest puts the foreshore and its archaeology at risk, and Historic England fully support the PLA in pausing the issuing of new licences”.
What a shame they can't do the joined-up thinking to see that this relates to artefact hunting in general. So any puns about "the tide is turning for artefact hunters" are rendered premature.



De. William Shephard said...

I see no reply to my educating you on the origins of the Jewish Rabbi, Yahweh bar Joseph, is there a reason for this ommission?

Paul Barford said...

The reasons are (a) the topic you broached has no relation to the topic of this post [i.e., so-called mudlarking in the Thames estuary], this is my blog, not a conspiracy-theorist's discussion forum and (b) you just come over as a bit of a jerk. The word omissions has one 'm'.

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