Sunday 1 October 2023

Two Other Big British Museums Admit Losses

Two more British museums admit items missing from their collections, reports Sean Rayment in The Mail, 1 October 2023:
Two of Britain's most important museums have admitted losing more than 1,000 historically and scientifically important objects, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The Imperial War Museum and the Natural History Museum have disclosed that important military items and dinosaur fossils have been lost or stolen.
The Imperial War Museum admitted in a Freedom of Information request that 560 objects had been recorded as being lost since 2018 while the Natural History Museum said that more than 540 items had either been mislaid, destroyed or stolen over the same period.
The IWM has 33.5 million items in its care, while the Natural History Museum is claiming (in which context is not clear from the article)> "In the past decade we've had just 13 instances of lost or missing items from a collection of 80 million". That puts the British Museum's 8 million into context.

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