Saturday 24 February 2024

Dodgy Dealings in Antiquities in Iraq Tackled

Dealers and auction houses in the UK and US still sell apparently freshly-surfaced antiquities from Mesopotamia and the Middle East generally, with zero mention of any paperwork. Meanwhile in Iraq two antiquities smuggling networks are broken up in Saladin and Karbala. Is there a connection? Who did you say you got those cunies and cylinder seals from? (Iraqi News Agency, 'two antiquities smuggling networks arrested in Saladin and Karbala' 24.02.2024):
The Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency announced today [...] that “detachments of the intelligence agency specialized in combating terrorism in Salah al-Din, and through its intelligence deployment, monitored information indicating the existence of a network for trading and smuggling antiquities”. The statement added, "Immediately, an intelligence work team was formed to verify the information and determine their whereabouts. After obtaining proper judicial approvals, the network was raided and one of the accused was arrested in possession of various antiquities".

He continued, “In another separate operation carried out by the detachments of the agency responsible for combating organized crime in Karbala, based on accurate intelligence information, during which it resulted in the arrest of five defendants [who] [...] frankly admitted to smuggling and trading in antiquities
The accused were referred to the competent authorities to receive just punishment. Note the implied connection with terrorism and organised crime here.

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