Friday 23 February 2024

Two Long Bloody Years of Living with "Z"

Today, 24th February, we enter the third year of the War that has followed the Russian Federation's totally unprovoked and infamous attack on its (and our) neighbour on this day. A completely unjustifiable colonialist landgrab attempt bringing so much damage, death, destruction through attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure and homes and through illegal occupation. As result, alliances have been tested, some found wanting, but all decent people everywhere continue to stand with Ukraine in the spirit of "За нашу і вашу свободу" and unite in supporting the Ukrainian people who will bring down the atavistic, backward-looking, ideology of Putin's "Z" policies. Слава Україні, Героям слава..
Video: Illia Ponomarenko.

[I think this one, posted by Maksym Borodin, is well-done too:


In answer to any criticism that these films somehow glorify war, let us remember this truism:

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