Monday, 25 June 2012

Detecting Under the Microscope: Detecting For Every Metal

"Steve, I won't use his surname because he's a metal detectorist" wrote to the local radio station about something he's up in arms about. he got an interview, just after the xenophobe: Listen here 1'50:18
"cos we're metal detecting fer evry me'al, we don't wanta dig the iron, we only want t' dig the - like - nonferrus items ...". 
[ironic script on] Of course iron was NEVER used to make any objects whatsoever in the ancient world, so not collecting information about the iron objects in a site is not losing any archaeological information at all is it? The PAS record will be a full and accurate record of what was in each and every archaeological site searched by their partners [ironic script off].

I'll be talking about the campaign by metal detectorists to "ban green waste" in their search areas later no doubt.

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