Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mobile Antiquities TV Show?

Meanwhile we hear of the various professionals working behind the scenes to bring artefact digging and Treasure hunting to the small screen in Britain, among them one of the writers:
DAVID SYMONDS Experienced Senior Producer, Director and Writer of factual programmes and documentaries [...] SENIOR PRODUCER - ITV Studios 'Britain's Secret Treasures' - Produced, Directed and Wrote Pilot episode for 60 minute prime time series about the British Museum Mobiles Antiquities Scheme presented by Michael Buerk and Bettany Hughes. 
Nice to know the promotion of artefact hunting on the archaeological sites of the UK is in the hands of such knowledgeable people. Is that as in mobile homes, trailer-park archaeology? Of course the 'Mobile Antiquities Scheme' has a database - the MAD.

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