Wednesday, 27 June 2012

"Free Mongolian Tarby", Defending "Florida Fossils" Sale

I see from Rick St Hilaire's blog that PNG/AIPN Lobboblogger Tompa is going to represent fossil importer Eric Prokopi in his case against Mongolia over the imported Tarbosaurus skeleton sold recently by Heritage Auctions despite a court order forbidding it.
Tompa is co-counsel along with Brooklyn cultural property lawyer and ancient coin dealer advocate, Michael McCullough.  McCullough's LinkedIn profile lists him as past associate counsel at Sotheby's.  Experienced cultural property forfeiture prosecutor Sharon Cohen Levin is lead attorney for the government.
It will be interesting to see what line of defence Tompa and McCullough adopt (though I have an idea...).  I wonder if Mr Prokopi chose Tompa and McCullough himself because of a familiarity with their work, or because the coin dealer "Heritage Auctions" recommended them? Let's see if they do better here than they have been doing in the 'Baltimore illegal coin import stunt' case. Mr McCullough is reported as recommending that dealers keep all the paperwork on imports, hopefully he will find all he needs to defend the legality of the Heritage Tarbosaur sale in Mr Prokopi's filing cabinets. 

"Dinosaur Forfeiture Complaint Now Published in New York Court as Coin Dealer Lawyers File Appearance to Free Arrested Mongolian Tyrannosaurus".
The notion of Peter Tompa "freeing an arrested T[arbo]saurus" conjures up all sorts of images.


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