Saturday, 12 July 2014

Carte Blanche for The Black Hat Guys

Riding with the Black Hat Guys?
On Saturday, 14 June 2014 ('Egypt MOU Philistinism: "Petition News") I summed up progress in two petitions. The first was the "Stop the import of Undocumented Egyptian heritage objects" petition which had then 1,334 signatures supporting the Egypt MOU. oday one month later, everybody's forgotten about it, so it only has his 1,355 supporters. Twenty one people found out about it in the intervening month.  

The "Do not exempt coins from the Convention on Cultural Property Implementation Act" petition was not doing so well, last month it had only 94 supporters, today that number has risen to a pathetic 251 supporters, which is hardly likely to impress New York Black Hat allies representatives Charles Rangel and Steve Israel,who no doubt see this as an endorsement rather than a warning of trouble ahead.

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