Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Results of SAFE poll

The results of the SAFE poll - Should all nations help protect one another's cultural heritage? 142 Total Votes
Yes    89.5% , 127 votes; 

Partially, a nation only deserves assistance if it has a stable government, incorruptible officials and adequate museum facilities in which to preserve the protected materials.    6%, 8 votes;
Partially, only nations that are states parties to UNESCO should help protect the cultural heritage of other states parties.    3.5%, 5 votes;
No   1.5%, 2 votes.
Sadly, two questions are omitted. Are you American? and Do you collect coins? I bet you'd see some interesting correlations there. The second answer (a nation only deserves assistance if ...) is, I feel, a wholly US aberration, you'll not find it expressed to any degree anywhere else in the world. What makes the Americans who espouse such views so unsympathetic?

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