Thursday, 10 July 2014

Time to Support the Professionals

Rick St Hilaire's 'Cultural Heritage Lawyer Blog' is far and away the best and most useful blog on the US scene concerning the legal aspects of collecting and the antiquities market. His coverage is fair and balanced, and gives a good overview, often with penetrating insights, of the US cultural property scene.* As such it is a resource which deserves recognition, and its author our gratitude. I'd be really pleased if any readers who share my opinion would lend their support to the Cultural Heritage Lawyer Blog in an opinion-seeking exercise of the American Bar Association, which is judging which law blogs will make its 8th Annual 'Blawg 100' (I recall it has been there at least once before). Time is short, so click on the link here to nominate the Cultural Heritage Lawyer blog as soon as possible - show your appreciation that at least one US cultural property lawyer is not afraid to wear a white hat.

*A runner-up would be in my opinion the 'Michael McCullough LLC Blog', but although his blog has some interesting and worthwhile material on it, it seems to be going nowhere. And he's been known to work with the coineys. Several other less balanced and less penetrating US cultural property legal blogs are IMO not worthy of recommendation - work out for yourselves which I have in mind.

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