Friday, 8 August 2014

Coiney Deflection Tactics and refusal to Discuss Issues Damaging Hobby

Pieter Bruegel the Elder -The
Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (detail)
On a US antiquitist lobbyist's blog, I am accused of some form of illogicality over smuggling and antiquities laundering. I thought I'd explained adequately what I'd written about both in the original text and subsequently (PACHI Thursday, 7 August 2014, 'Coiney Mind-lapse in Washington'). This is about attitudes in the dugup antiquities industry to the whole problem of smuggling which they'd prefer to be discussed (if at all) in abstract terms, and kept separate from what actually happens in the real world, in the real trade. Obviously this is what needs discussing in an effort to come to some sort of agreement about a cleaner, source conscious and more transparent antiquities market which is the only way to fight looting and smuggling.

It seemed to me that the point was clear. Sadly, not all readers of these blogs are equal to coping with the written word. A metal detectorist BFF (a "100% supporter of the PAS") from the UK added his "cultural property observations" to the stew, indicating that he too had not the foggiest what the issue is and thinks that ad hominems can replace discussion of what he does not understand. This is the parlous level to which US antiquity collectors and their sidekicks have brought the heritage debate.

While the metal detectorist is probably genuinely unable to see what the issue is, in reality, I suspect that Peter Tompa - who surely cannot be as uncomprehending of the issues as he makes out - understands perfectly the point I was making and what it means for his campaign against the CCPIA - paid for by the IAPN and PNG.  He's not going to admit it though, he's not going to discuss it and is apparently happiest among the superficial nastiness of the puerile among the metal detectorists (equally intent on not discussing the issues sensibly). Basically, one can make the same comment here as I did a month ago on the Biblical Archaeology Society comments thread after the text about Nathan Elkins' text:
I think if you look through the sixty-odd comments above, one can see clearly who is interested in discussing the issues Elkins points out, and who is putting a lot of effort into deflecting attention away and discouraging further discussion of those issues. What collectors and dealers are doing here is not controlling the debate, but alienating themselves from it.
Mr Tompa is achieving exactly the same, alienating all US coin collectors from ever being recognized as having a voice in a proper debate, which when it comes will play out over their heads and behind their backs. For that they can thank those that stand as their public spokesmen today, people like Peter Tompa, Wayne Sayles, and Dave Welsh.

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